Foreseeing the technological revolution sweeping the local F&B industry, we believed that it had the potential to eliminate shortcomings faced in the day-to-day operations of our retail outlets. Back when computerisation was still in its infancy, we had already begun to develop a software system catering specifically for our F&B needs. Back in 2000, all of our outlets were retrofitted with a fully computerised P.O.S. systems. This took us a step closer to streamline efficiency throughout all business activities from order taking to cashier payment to accounting. Moreover, our introduction of various ethnic cuisines added zest to our menus. When tourism brought larger numbers of our mainland comrades, we appointed a “Mandarin Ambassador” to look after their needs. This ensures that their stay would be a happy and enjoyable one.

Today, our corporate chain of outlets are spread all over Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Our shops are designed so that each one gives our patrons a vibrant, energetic and refreshing feeling. Moreover, eight of our shops even go so far as to open 24/7. This allows us to repay our valued customers for their loyalty and serves to bring that extra level of convenience right to their neighbourhood. Besides being the pioneer in the use of fish-broth as the base of our dishes, our specialty items such as the “Fish-Ball Noodles” and the assortment of curry dishes are the perfect embodiment of the local spirit, summarised by the characteristics of “Fast, Value and Correct.” All of this aims to achieve our goal of letting our patrons come in with a smile, and step- out with a full stomach and an even bigger smile!

Our corporate standard has always been upheld by adhering to the most stringent measures when it comes to nutritional values, health and public safety. Examples include:

  • Egg Tarts and Pineapple Buns, although common items in virtually unlimited supply elsewhere, are supplied with restricted quantity here due to their high sugar content.
  • Thai-style items strictly use the Dong-Yum-Gong as soup base, also Pork-neck meat are banned because almost all additives are injected into the pig’s neck, so the area is not as safe to consume in high amounts.
  • Our breakfast menu offers three daily choices facilitating fast and efficient decisions:
    Set A: Abalone & Shredded Ham w/ Macaroni in Soup
    Set B: Satay-Beef w/ Instant Noodles in Soup
    Set C: Shredded Meat and Preserved Vegetable w/ Vermicelli in Soup
  • Use of low-sodium ocean sea salt, pollution-free eggs, olive oil, and vegetables from Government department approved sources.
  • Applied the HACCP quality system, to minimise food danger.
  • Application of 5-S and training programmes.
  • Advocated and sponsored of “Anti-smoking" and “Nutritional Restaurant” programmes.
  • Our Chairman is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related Trade, and our Chief Consultant is the Founder of the Federation. Together, they have contributed immensely to the development of the local F&B industry.
  • Strong participant in various social events:
    –  Hong Kong Red Cross Kennedy Center Drama musical sponsor (“I love Pineapple Bun).
    –  Sponsorship of the annual Dragon-Boat race
    –  Aberdeen district’s “Family Health Concert” fundraising walk.
    –  Donation for the relief of the Sichuan Earthquake
    –  Workers and staff unite as one big family to share the joy of giving and contribution
    –  Purchase of tickets for worker’s family members.
  • Contribution to the local Education and Film industry by providing them with venue and food sponsorship.
  • Contribution to the Travel & Tourism Board by sharing the role of marketing Hong Kong’s culture and image.